How to Spend Four Days in Munich

One major factor in our decision to move overseas was the ability to explore other parts of Europe. Our first trip out of Ireland took us to Germany. It was pretty great to get on a plane and land in Munich two hours later!

Day One

We took a ridiculously early flight and arrived in Munich at 9am. We took a train from the airport and started the day at the Marienplatz, which is the main tourist center. Then we strolled through the city to find the apartment.

Alter Botanischer Garten
Enjoying the beautiful flowers near the Neptunbrunnen fountain located in the Alter Botanischer Garten.

After getting settled at the apartment, we took the advice of a local and headed for the St. Augustiner Keller beer garden, one of the oldest and largest in the city. With its festive atmosphere, refreshing liters of beer and delicious sausages and pretzels, St. Augustiner Keller was one of our favorite parts of the trip!

Three liters of beer.
The beer is tapped from wooden barrels on site.
Kenzie in the middle of the beer garden.
The beer garden was packed on a perfect summer night.
Huge pretzel.
Ginormous pretzels!
Bike seat that reads "Wittkop"
Spotted near the beer garden: a bike seat that’s so close to being correct!

Day Two

International Memorial sculpture at Dachau
The International Memorial sculpture designed by Nandor Glid, a concentration camp survivor.

When planning our Munich trip, we all agreed that visiting Dachau was important. We signed up for a tour rather than walking through the camp on our own. The guide provided a lot of historical background and context to help further understand how Hitler rose to power and how the camps came into being. It was somber, moving and gut-wrenching, but the experience has led to deep, thoughtful conversations.

Day Three

3-series display row of cars
My favorite display showed the evolution of the 3-series BMW.

Being a car lover—and an obnoxious BMW driver—I forced the family to spend hours at the BMW Museum and BMW Welt.

The museum showcases BMW’s engines, motorcycles and cars in a well thought-out space that leads visitors through the company’s history. Soft lines and white backdrops give the museum a sleek aesthetic. For a BMW enthusiast, it is nirvana.

Jen in front of a line drawing of a 3-series.
I’d like this line drawing on my wall at home!
Stack of three cars
Tower of Bimmers!
1955 BMW Isetta in yellow.
This 1955 BMW Isetta has three wheels and the single door opens in the front.
Birds-eye view from top of spiral.
The museum keeps the narrative flowing through the use of a spiral walkway.
Gold i8 BMW
The electric i8 seems fast even while parked.

Located across from the museum, BMW Welt functions as a car dealership for BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce, houses several restaurants and a gift shop and is the pick-up point for European delivery. (No, I didn’t buy a new car.)

BMW Welt building
The building features a steel-and-glasss double cone that supports the front corner. Will commented that it looks like the initial drawing for Tomorrow Land.
Zoe on a motorcycle
Now Zoe really wants a motorcycle.

When Will and the kids had enough of me fawning over the cars, we headed back to the train and toward the Englischer Garten. The park rivals Central Park in size, complete with a lake in the middle and a river flowing through it. It also boasts a beer garden at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower), which is where we waited out a thunderstorm. When the sun came out again, we enjoyed a glorious walk back to our apartment.

Will + kids on Munich street.
Green ‘n’ gold building as backdrop! #gopackgo
English Park waterfall with Converse.
Appreciating a small waterfall in the English Park.
Chinese Tower beer garden
The sun is out at the beer garden! (We had more rain in four days in Munich than a month in Ireland!)
Surfers on the river in Munich
Surf’s up! For experienced surfers only, the Eisbach is a channel of the river that runs through the park.

Day Four

On our last day, we watched the Rathaus-Glockenspiel which tells stories using life-size figures. Our favorite part was at the end when a golden bird trills three times. Then Zoe and I went to the observation deck on the glockenspiel tower of the New Town Hall, which gave spectacular views of the city. (Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of heights?)

Fun fact: The glockenspiel has 43 bells and 32 figures on two display.
View from glockenspiel tower.
Munich’s architecture charmed us.
A look at the onion domes of Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Dear Lady).

Munich was a terrific place to start off our European adventures. We learned a few things (like, in the summer, make sure the VRBO has air conditioning or at least windows that open). Stay tuned for our next adventure!

Images by Zoe Wittkopf

3 thoughts on “How to Spend Four Days in Munich

  1. Excellent narrative on your trip. Rick Steves has nothing on you! we stopped at all those places, except the English Garden (it was raining). Beautiful city. I loved the shaved radish and pork knuckle at St. Augustiner Keller.


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