Dublin Pride 2018

Kenzie, Zoe and Will standing in front of a DART train.
Waiting for the train into Dublin.

I struggled a bit with attending the Pride Parade, weighing my support of LGBTQ issues with the worry that it’s become too corporate, too mainstream.

Thousands of people attending Pride Parade in Dublin.
From Dublin Pride: “Dublin is one of the few major cities in the world where every member of the LGBTQ+ community and all our friends, allies and the general public can actually join in and march the parade route along with all the floats and registered groups. We don’t want you to watch us, we want you to be the head and the heart of our annual Pride Parade making us one the biggest people parades in Europe.”

In the end, I’m glad we went. There were a lot of signs reminding everyone “Pride Is A Protest”–and plenty of encouragement to celebrate love, loudly and proudly.

Kenzie at a burger joint before the parade.
Kenzie represents. Her shirt reads, “Closets are for clothes, not people”

Remember: Love is love.

Aer Lingus float was in the shape of a plane.
The Aer Lingus float was a favorite!
Zoe has a rainbow fanny pack.
Zoe rocks the rainbow.




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