Hill Walking in Howth

You don’t have to go far to find scenic hikes (or hill walking as the locals call it) near Dublin. Jen and I took advantage of the recent bank holiday to hike the Bog of Frogs trail around the hills of Howth.

Map from Irish Trails.

Just five miles south of our house in Malahide, the 10km scenic loop makes you feel a lot further away from the city.


Right from the car park, the trail totally lives up its cliff walk name. Looking down on seabirds and boats in Dublin bay is a special treat—although your stomach might do a few flips when looking down the jagged rocks to the sea.


The small signs keeping visitors on the path seemed to rise out of Jurassic-like ferns.


Jen puts on a brave face as she ventures close to the edge of the trail.
Hank takes in the sights from the western edge of the cliffs of Howth.
Baily lighthouse was the last of its kind to be fully automated. The last lighthouse keeper left in March 1997.
Abundant blackberry bushes line the trail at nearly every turn.


Protected coves and hidden beaches are accessible from the trail along the northwest side of the headlands. Below, a reminder (mostly to Jen) about the dangers of throwing stones. (Inside story: Jen once had to write “I will not throw pea gravel” 100 times as punishment of an unpleasant incident in grade school).


On our way to a hidden treasure on this lighter-tread part of the trail.
Postcard-worthy views of the coast. And only a few miles north of Dublin city center.
Hank finds relief at a small beach tucked along the trail.


The remains of the old defensive walls on the northwest side of the headlands (above) gives way to the rainforest feel of the leeward side of the park (below).


The trail finishes with a downhill walk into the town of Howth, which comes alive on nice summer days with visitors from all over.


Time for some refreshment at the Abbey Tavern, a landmark Irish pub in Howth since the 16th century, or one of the many fish-themed restaurants lining the marina along Howth pier.

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