Longest Day of the Year

Looking back toward the village of Malahide from the beach
Looking north toward the Malahide estuary.

Ah, summer solstice. In Ireland, it’s not exactly shorts-and-tank tops weather, but daylight sticks around even longer than in Minnesota. (Quick geography lesson: Dublin is as far north as the Canadian cities of Vancouver and Winnipeg.) The sun rose at 4:55am and sets at 9:57pm today. We have a hard time going to bed at a decent hour because the evenings stretch on so pleasantly. Twilight lingers and so do I.

View looking east from Malahide Beach at low tide
Looking to the east from the shore.

The official start of summer felt like the perfect day for Kenzie, Zoe and I to check out Malahide Beach for the first time. The tide was out, revealing flat sand that stretched the length of a football field. We breathed in salty air and enjoyed the fresh breeze coming from the Irish Sea. Living near the ocean agrees with us.

Kenzie and Zoe are all hugs on the beach.
Sisters gotta stick together.

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